In the continent of Ayor things have been quite calm during the past century. There have been no ravaging wars, no great catastrophes; all has been calm and peaceful. So calm, in fact, that the gods have turned their eyes to other parts of the multiverse, remaining only as latent forces that provide power and magic to the world without really paying it any attention.

The great realms were established hundreds of years ago; the disputes for territories or resources have now vanished from the memory of men. It has been so long since they endured strife that the people of this world have begun to believe that the songs from the past are all but stories invented to uphold their traditions. The population consists mainly of humans; however, there are rumors that dwarves move around the mountains and that in the deep forests the elves still have their homes over the branches.

After the last great war, well over a century ago, the elves and dwarves decided to close themselves to humans, who once almost destroyed their world. With them went the wizards and sorcerers, or most of them at least. Clerics slowly stopped traveling and they remained close to their temples, thus creating the legend that among the high priests there are those who can operate great miracles. Each human realms tends to keep to itself, too. Individuals rarely leave their home town and if they do, it’s just to go to the fair of the next town just a few miles away.

Magic items, and magic itself, are almost forgotten by common folk; dragons and other mythical creatures are beings of fable, only thought of as cautionary tales. Ignorance and superstition run deep under these conditions, creating stories that could scare even the more seasoned warriors. Bards and tricksters make their living selling “relics” and “protective items” that are completely useless against real monsters, but work to calm the mothers when their sons must leave to another town or to protect their husbands when they go into the woods.

Thieves and monsters hunt in the wilderness, delivering the unprepared villagers who fancy themselves explorers to horrible deaths. Merchants are usually found in large groups that travel together, along with a few adventurers that protect them for a pay; they usually follow established routes that are well known and protected by the knights or guards of the realm.

Those who are trained in the secret arts of magic (divine or arcane) are taught at their firsts lessons not to brag about their powers, and to use them at a minimum when surrounded by villagers; otherwise, they could incite panic and witch hunting. Even for them, spells that involve knowledge from the planes or the afterlife seem to be futile, only a few are able to get access to them, and even fewer are able to harness their power or knowledge.

Our story begins in the human realm of Uthad, in a small town by the name of Crowshade. It is a night under heavy rain; the type of night were all you want is a beer close to the fireplace at your local pub, with friends and lovers. On the edge of the town four figures meet.

Is it coincidence they have all arrived at the same time?

Through Darkness you fall